Random Dot Stereogram Software

DOS Utility Does .BMP to Stereogram Conversion

This DOS utility allows you to create your own random dot stereograms from Windows .BMP files. 

Simply draw a picture (using Windows Paintbrush, for example), and this program will display the file as a 640 x 480 stereogram on a VGA screen. You may optionally create a copy of the output image as a 640 x 480 .BMP file.

The input file must be a Black & White .BMP file less than 640 x 480. Note that thin lines do not resolve well on a random dot background, so large fonts and wide line sizes are recommended. If the input image is less than 640 x 480, it will be centered on the screen within an indented border.

The optional output image file (always STEREO_X.BMP) is 640 x 480 x 1 (37 KB).

        usage:  BMP2BMPS  inputfile[.BMP]  [-o]
        inputfile must be a .BMP file less than 640 x 480 x 1 
        option -o creates output file STEREO_X.BMP
This free utility is provided 'as-is' for your entertainment. No warranties are expressed or implied. Enjoy!
Click here to download your free copy (26 KB)

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