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Random Dot Stereogram

Playful images seem to leap from a page swirling with random patterns and, with suitably crossed-eyes, viewers marvel at the 3-D wonders hidden within. With this DOS application, users can create their own random dot stereograms from .BMP images.


Random dot stereograms, or "autostereograms" were described in an article in New Scientist (9 October 1993, page 29). The basic algorithms for this program emerged from that reference. The application below illustrates automatic generation of a random dot stereogram from a source image stored in .BMP format (created using MS-Paintbrush).

Windows .BMP Image Conversion

The stereogram below is 640 x 480 pixels and is best viewed on a high resolution VGA screen, or it may be printed. The image is 70 KB and, being essentially random dots, is not amenable to significant data compression. 

View the stereogram (70 KB)

Make Your Own Stereogram

Download free software to convert .BMP files into buoyant 3-D images.

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