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Word Puzzle Pal


Word Puzzle Pal is a DOS-based word game solving tool. The program searches a 75000+ word list to find solutions to your most puzzling problems. Fast answers to crosswords, anagrams, cryptograms, and word square problems are at your fingertips with this useful application. Custom word lists may also be created.

Word Puzzle Pal

Example Applications


Crosswords can be frustrating, but a little help sometimes goes a long way. That's where Word Puzzle Pal comes in. When the right word is just on the tip of your tongue, you can now view a dictionary list of words which might fit the puzzle. Word Puzzle Pal works only on letter patterns, never on word meanings, so there's still plenty of fun left in your favorite pastime.

Fill-in the Blank Solutions to " - - - d - - - c - - - "

academician academicism candidacies fredericton goldfinches misdirected roadblocked sardonicism

Fill-in the Blank Solutions to " - - d - - c - - - - - "

hydrocarbon radiocarbon rediscovers rediscovery undercharge undercoated undercooked undescended undisclosed

Enhanced searching capabilities: " A - d - - c - - - - X "

hydrocarbon radiocarbon rediscovery

...where uppercase letters specify user-defined alphabet subsets. Here,

Uppercase A = "-bcd-fgh-jklmn-pqrst-vwxyz"  (consonants)
Uppercase X = "abcdefghijklmnopqr-tuvwxyz"  (not 's')


Rearranging letters to make different words is a key element in many 'cryptic' crossword puzzles. Word Puzzle Pal lists all the words it can make from a given set of letters, and prints the word in uppercase if it uses all the letters provided.

One Word Anagrams from letters "h o m e p a g e s"

a aesop age ages ago ah am amp amps ape apes apogee apogees apse as ash asp ease ego egos game games gap gape gapes gaps gas gash gasp gee gees gem gems go goes gosh ha hag hags ham hams hap has hasp he heap heaps hem hemp hemps hems hoe hoes hog hogs homage homages home homepage HOMEPAGES homes hop hope hopes hops hose ma map maps mash me mega mesa mesh mop mope mopes mops oh ohm ohms ohs omega omegas pa page pages pea peas peg pegs peso phase poem poems pose posh sag sage same sap sea seam see seem seep shag sham shame shape she sheep shoe shop smog so soap soma some sop spa

Two Word Anagrams, all letters in "e l e c t r i c a l e n g i n e e r i n g"



Cryptograms are challenging word puzzles in many daily newspapers, in which the alphabet is switched around before a sentence is written. The usual approach is to guess at common short words until the rearrangements make sense. Word Puzzle Pal begins with the longest words, and gives you a list of what the dictionary might suggest.

Letter Substitutions for "X Y D I D Y P W S L O"

fredericton synonymized wraparounds


Looking for rhyming words, or just a word you cannot remember how to spell? Give a few letters at the beginning or the end, and Word Puzzle Pal does the rest.

Words beginning in "fre", ending in "on", as "f r * o n"

fredericton freemason freon frequentation


Perhaps better known by the trade name "Boggle", this games consists of tracing words from letters in 4 x 4 grid. Find the longest word...

Trace words in the square:


and egg ego end fir firth fit fur got gouge gout gut hand hen hue hug huge hurt hut ought our out pit pith pro rift rip rogue rot roue rouge rough roughen rout rue rug rut than the then thug tip tog tough toughen tour trip trough true tug

There's more to Word Puzzle Pal than can be shown here, including custom word lists, cryptogram phrase solver, crossing word solutions, and custom letter sets (specify unknown letters as alphabet subsets).

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