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Prototype Electronic Game


The classic game of Mastermind is played against this low power portable electronic game unit based on a single microcontroller chip.

Microcontroller Based 'Mastermind' Game

In this game, a player tries to guess a hidden four-digit sequence. Five bright LED's provide user feedback and, when all five are lit, success!. 


  • Single chip microcontroller design;
  • LED indicators provide user feedback;
  • Random numbers generate a new game every time;
  • User-friendly design with Clear and Reset buttons.
Circuit Details

A single Motorola MC68HC705J1 microcontroller powers this simple game. Internal clocks provide random number generation and program flow control timing. Parallel port inputs scan and debounce a low profile multiplexed keyboard. Parallel port outputs drive five LEDs for front panel display. 

The 'one time programmable' (OTP) microcontroller circuit is easily duplicated and can be battery powered.


How Does it Work?

Example Display Operation

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