Prototype Electronic Game
Microcontroller Based 'Mastermind' Game

The figures below show how the five display indicators reflect the outcome of play. The goal is to guess a hidden 4-digit sequence based on feedback from these displays. Note that the displays never tell which of the digits is present in the answer, only how many digits are correct (RED) and/or how many are in the answer but not in the same positions (Flashing RED). In each of the examples below, the target sequence is "1234" and a user has just entered a 4-digit guess. Whenever the GREEN light is ON, the results of the previous guess are being displayed, and the game is ready for the next guess.



CODE =  1234 
GUESS = 5678 

None of the entered digits are found in the correct answer.   Ready for the next guess.

Reset, or Zero Correct Guesses.



CODE = 1234 
GUESS = 9003 

Only one digit (3) is part of  the answer but it is not in the same digit position in the answer.

One digit Correct, but in the Wrong  Position



CODE = 1234 
GUESS = 2233 

Two digits (2 and 3) are correct and in the correct positions. The extra 2 and 3 are ignored.

Two digits Correct and in the Correct Positions 


CODE = 1234 
GUESS = 4231 

All four digits are present in the guess; however, only two digits (2 and 3) are in the correct positions.

Four digits Correct with Two in the Correct Positions



CODE = 1234 
GUESS = 1234 


Press NEW to start another game.

The Answer is Found !

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