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"Smart Aleck" Caller ID Manager

Smart Aleck is a Windows compatible software/hardware package designed to enhance the usefulness of the Caller ID service offered by the telephone company. 


Most Caller-ID units provide only a name and number readout, and users must be nearby to read the display when the phone rings. This unique program reads the Caller ID information from the telephone line and announces the caller with a distinctive message played through the PC sound card speakers.


Smart Aleck knows who's calling, after the first ring and before the phone is answered.

The Caller-ID service transmits the phone number and name of a caller, as well as the date and time of the call. Using a small interface unit connected to the telephone line, this information is fed into an unused serial port (COM1 or COM2) on the host computer. The time of day information can optionally be used to set the computer clock with each call.

Smart Aleck announces each caller, using the multimedia PC speakers.

Any .WAV compatible file can be played in response to a particular caller. Messages may be recorded using the Sound Recorder utility provided with Windows.

Smart Aleck uses its own easily edited phone number directory, with user-customized messages.

The custom phonebook is used to identify callers and to playback an appropriate sound file. Of course, the name or announcement does not have to correspond to the 'white pages' in the telephone directory. For example, calls from the "Drucker" residence may always be from "Sam", or "the grocer".

Smart Aleck calls out the number by digits or the name letter-by-letter, if the person calling is not on file.

Smart Aleck knows about long distance area codes, and can identify a call by region if it's otherwise unknown. With each new call, a new entry is automatically created in the directory. Later, the new caller information can be customized with its own distinctive message. Blocked numbers or Out-of-Zone calls are announced appropriately and stored as separate entries.

Smart Aleck remembers who called, and keeps track of the time and date of each call.

Every call event is logged and written to disk. A powerful search routine allows previous calls to be tracked, by name or by number, in either the directory list or the caller history file. Over 1000 calls can be recorded in the current implementation. Calls can be sorted by phone number or by date.

Smart Aleck features a calendar/alarm section.

Useful for daily wakeup call or for reminders on a daily or weekly basis. Plays a .WAV file at one of ten specific times.

Smart Aleck has undergone thorough testing in typical residential settings.

Extensive trials have proven Smart Aleck to be a stable and user-friendly software package.

Smart Aleck is a Windows 3.1 application written in Borland C++

Smart Aleck is waiting for your call.

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